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Advantages of partnership

Conducting technical seminars on equipment and qualification seminars for specialists in installation and service work.

The possibility of a company representative visiting the customer for a technical presentation.

The ability to visit facilities where the equipment of suppliers is used.

Providing equipment catalogs and other information containing complete technical and advertising information about the equipment of each supplier, press releases, leaflets, and souvenirs, as well as the possibility of organizing field seminars on a highly specialized topic.

Support for advertising and internet projects. The opportunity to visit the manufacturing plant to get acquainted with the technological process of manufacturing equipment.

Incentive gifts based on the results of work and the opportunity to participate in club events held by the company.

About us


The economic society "Beyiklik", founded in 1992, provides a wide range of services in the field of the climate of residential buildings, trade, public and industrial facilities, refrigeration equipment for storage facilities. When purchasing equipment with the participation of EC "Beyiklik", we provide the manufacturer with a 3-year factory warranty with service for the equipment supplied. Our engineers, if necessary, at the design stage, will take part in the correct selection of equipment models using modern computer programs.

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What do we offer you?

  • Elevators and escalators

    thyssenkrupp Elevator

  • Boilers and VRF

    Kospel, Clivet








Why choose our company?

Our Clients

In recent years, dozens of new scientific and educational institutions equipped with modern equipment have started operating in Turkmenistan, where a comfortable climate of buildings is ensured by sophisticated equipment. "Beyiklik" ES performs permanent service of the complex of buildings of the Military Institute and the Scientific and Production Center of Dentistry

Our Clients

In Turkmenistan, the buildings of ministries, departments, and banks were almost completely renewed. Each building has a distinctive architecture and comfortable conditions for employees. "Beyiklik" ES carries out permanent maintenance of the buildings of the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan, the State Development Bank, and many other administrative buildings

Our Clients

In the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, a complete reconstruction of the power supply was carried out with the laying of new power lines, distribution points, and substations with the equipment of Schneider Electric equipment. The technical conditions for the operation of the equipment provide for maintaining a certain temperature regime in the premises in winter and summer. "Beyiklik" ES provides permanent service of air conditioning systems of the "Ashgabadenergo" production association


Economic Society "Beyiklik" is a team of experienced specialists in licensed installation and maintenance of all types of air conditioning systems. High-quality system maintenance is guaranteed!



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